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Induction of therapeutic neoangiogenesis using in vitro-generated endothelial colony-forming cells: an autologous transplantation model in rat

19 Septembrie 2012

Autori: Janina Jiga, Bogdan Hoinoiu, Gratian D Miclaus, ... Lucian P Jiga

J Surg Res () (2012) PMID 22818979

Rat bmECFCs acquire a typical phenotype (CD34(+)VEGFR2(+)CD133(+)CXCR4(+)CD45(-)), culture, and functional behavior (Dil-ac-LDL(+)) in vitro. Injection of autologous bmECFCs improves tissue perfusion in ischemic hind limbs (183.5 ± 3.29 PU(bmECFCs/day 30)versus 131 ± 3.9 PU(controls/day 30),... 


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