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Angio coronarography CT

National medical premiere in Timisoara:
In 2006, Dr. Gratian Miclaus conducted at SCM Neuromed in Timisoara, first angio-coronarography CT in Romania!


The word „angio-coronarography” is intended to records of all kind.First of all because - thanks to the 19 letters - it is one of the longest words in Romanian.

Not the word length makes it special for the medicine in Timisoara, but the fact that this method of non-invasive investigation was practiced successfully at Neuromed Timisoara in 2006, as a first time for Romania!


In order to respect the historical medical truth, we must say that, before 2006, in Bucharest there have been made attempts of CT angio-coronarography on 16 slices, meaning on a Computer Tomography that distinguished 16 levels of images in the description of the coronary arteries (what the word "angio-coronarography" actually means). The attempt failed because the technological standard requires more than that and, beyond the equipment, it is mandatory to have the presence of a doctor specialized in this peak area of medicine worldwide. However, at that time, in Romania, there weren't any such specialists, and such a valuable equipment could be found the closest beyond the Serbian border, in Belgrade.


In 2006, on a Siemens Somatom 64 Computer Tomography - at that time the world top investigative technique - Dr. Gratian Miclaus conducted the first CT angio-coronarography within Neuromed Timisoara and, implicitly, in Romania.

The time was a lot more spectacular one than the medical language suggests, accustomed to a certain neutrality - so typical and necessary to the professionals! Basically, with this kind of non-invasive investigation of the coronary artery, the patients from Timisoara, from the western part of Romania or even from all around the area, ill or suspected of artery problems, have entered into a period less aggressive with regards to the said investigations.   

Until now, in Romania, the only possibility of investigating coronary arteries consisted of an invasive procedure called catheterization. Even a profane can realize the difference between a catheterization procedure and a scan through a CT angio-coronarography, if we refer only to the fact that, while the first one lasts at least 30 minutes, the second one does not exceed 2 minutes!

Coming back to the medical professionalism, there must be said that the success of Dr. Gratian Miclaus in this peak area of the Cardiovascular Cardiology meant also the involvement of the Neuromed Clinic that supported his specializations.


And the specializations of Dr. Miclaus meant covering the 3 levels of competence graduated with honors in Europe and the USA, at prestigious university clinics or hospitals in this field: Belgrade, Paris, Erlangen, Alabama, Linz, Münster, Leiden, Amsterdam.

For a physician, the miracles are here, in Timisoara, last but not least by means of the enthusiasm and... further details


I am pleased to send a congratulation message for the Neuromed ambulance team who stopped at the request... further details



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