RORomana ENRomana


You should be very proud of your facility. I was very impressed by the quality of the equipment and the spirit of the staff. You are very important for our study EPO-ANE-3010 and Johnson&Johnson Pharma Research&Development. Thank you very much!up

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to visit your diagnostic center. I was impressed by your professionalism and enterprising spirit. Siemens will continue to stand by your side.up

Dr. B.K.


All the admiration for the bravery and tenacity showed by establishing this excellence center. Respectful and honest congratulations for your professionalism and engagement showed in the healthcare field, unfortunately increasingly less common nowadays.up

I was particularly satisfied with the courtesy and efficiency of the services. On the occasion of a checkup at “Confraternitat” clinic in Vienna Prof Dr. Hagmuller and Dr. Weitelaar were especially pleased with the quality and number of the images enclosed to the computed tomography.up

Dr. M.A.


Outstanding! All the admiration and appreciation towards Mr. Dr. Ples and the team he leads, for all he accomplished here. The clinic is a pearl of Banat medicine and even of Romania.up

It is not enough to say that your job is outstanding. I was really amazed by the complexity of the equipment and investigation possibilities existing in this center. Congratulations!up



If you wish medical professionalism, you can rely with confidence on Neuromed team. Virtual colonoscopies, peripheral arteriography, magnetic resonance, computed tomography with results released in 24 hours, offer the person discouraged by the disease and by the differential diagnostics, an extra optimism thanks to a definite diagnostic.up

I resort to Neuromed due to the high quality of the services rendered, the prompt response in terms of the investigations results and due to the state-of-the-art equipment and technology.up

Dr. D.V.
General medicine

Dr. L.C.

Besides the high quality of the services offered and the reliability that we have been used to for so many years, Neuromed continues to be the no.1 in the south-west side of the country, by offering packages at affordable prices for the patients. Another advantage in working with Neuromed is the promptness in releasing the investigation results and their sending via e-mail to the physician that made the recommendation, thus enabling a faster diagnostic of the cases.up

I.Z. Family of Constanta would like to thank Mr. Ples and Mr. Neaga who guided us through this bastion of health, of professionalism and high responsibility towards peoples’ lives. With all due respect and admiration for this soul investment doubled by a financial effort which will propel you in the top winners of THE BEST MEDICAL SERVICES. We would like to thank the entire personnel for raising the common sense and courtesy to the rank of virtue.up

Dr. T.A.
MD Neurologist


An outstanding achievement of some people that love their job and respect people.up

For a physician, the miracles are here, in Timisoara, last but not least by means of the enthusiasm and development of the Neuromed team. Congratulations and greater further results.up

Col. C.B.


An eloquent demonstration of the saying "the man sanctifies the place". Wonderful people, devoted to the patients who demonstrate by means of competence and professionalism that medicine can have a science-fiction dimension.up

An impressively designed center and highly functional, which we hope will be a model for the following affiliated companies. Congratulations! up

Dr. G.D.

Dr L.Z.

Fam. Dr.Ples kindly wishes you to have great achievements. Congratulations! Congratulations! Congratulations! You brought a ray of light into a complete medical darknessup

I was highly impressed by the quality of the healthcare activities carried out at Neuromed and of the European standard in relation with the patient. Congratulations and good luck in the future.up

Prof. Dr.


We are sending our gratitude for the support offered in the case of Mrs. H.E., support without which we would have not known how to resolve this situation. We thank you for your understanding, your promptness and professionalism and thank you to all Neuromed team members.up

I was impressed by the promptness, the patience, the professional competence and dedication of the Neuromed ambulance team, when fortunately around 06:30 p.m. –– I find myself in the area of 22 Libertatii Blvd., district 5 Bucharest. The three persons on mission organized themselves in order to assist a complicated medical emergency in the street. On behalf of my self and my neighbors who were in the alley at that moment, please send sincere congratulations to the ambulance team (unfortunately I did not remember their names) for the great way in which they performed their duty of lives rescuers, all the best, happiness and fulfillment of all of their and their families wishes.up

SAMR Timisoara


I am pleased to send a congratulation message for the Neuromed ambulance team who stopped at the request of a citizen from an alley of 22 Libertatii Blvd., Bucharest, to assist a medical emergency requested by means of the 112 emergency call. Promptly, one of the people working with NEUROMED ambulance service contacted the 112 operator, and transmitted the medical history of the patient. I want to inform you that all the three members of the medical team coordinated themselves very well and helped providing the first aid, until the stabilization and the reception of the patient was performed by the ambulance requested by means of the 112 emergency service.up


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