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The passion for what we do and the respect to the people are the values that guided us over the years. And above all, is the care for you and your health.

This is why we make available to you the best computed tomography (CT) services and magnetic resonance investigations – MRI Timisoara. Our experience is available for you.

Neuromed Diagnostic Imaging Center established in 1999, is a private healthcare company owned by a family of physicians of Timisoara. The main scope of business of the center is the high-performance investigations by means of the magnetic resonance (MR) and computed tomography (CT), currently used in all medical fields, in the absence of which the high quality medicine is no longer conceived

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ambulance service NEUROMED

24 hours – 7 days/week For 16 years we ensure emergency medical assistance, ambulance service in Romania and abroad and emergency medical care at home. We ensured emergency services for sport competitions, rallies, demonstrations, concerts and other events.

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Virtual bronchoscopy– CT

The virtual bronchoscopy enables the navigation through the bronchial tract and the detection of the stenosis injuries, of the bronchial polyps and the precise localization of the injury.

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LungCARE – Pulmonary nodules CT examination

LungCARE - an acquisition dedicated to the detection and evaluation of the pulmonary nodular injuries (volume, size of the 3 axes, medium densities, histograms) and their time tracking.

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Breast spectroscopy

The breast spectroscopy by means of the nuclear magnetic resonance (MRI) is useful to diagnose breast cancer and to reduce false positive results and invasive biopsies. By means of the breast spectroscopy the radiologist physician can observe the chemical composition of a lesion by measuring the level of choline compounds, the active tumor marker and to classify it in a nosological category – to establish whether the composition indicates the existence of a tumor. In the near future the MRI spectroscopy shall be incorporated as a routine investigation for the breast examination, by significantly decreasing the number of invasive biopsies.

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Brain spectroscopy is used in order to measure the levels of the different tissues metabolites. The MRI signal produces different resonance spectrums corresponding to different molecular patterns. A spectrum is obtained by using two components: the scale of the resonance frequencies and the amplitude (concentration of metabolites).

It is useful for brain, breast and prostate investigations. The molecular compounds identified in the brain are the following: NAA (N-acetyl aspartate- neuronal marker), Choline (turnover marker by means of the cell membrane), creatinine (energetic metabolism marker), lactate (anaerobic metabolism marker).

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