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NEUROMED Ambulance Service

Do you need ambulance services in Timisoara? Neuromed provides NON STOP assistance consisting of 11 ambulances and a specialized team, 18 emergency physicians, 3 physicians within the Anesthesia and Intensive Care Department, 18 cardiologist physicians, 19 nurses, 2 paramedics and 21 ambulance drivers.

24 hours - 7 days/week.

The following services have been available to you for 16 years:

  • Emergency medical care at home;
  • Medically assisted transport in the country and abroad.

We provide medical assistance in the following situations:

  • Competition and sport events;
  • Concerts and shootings;
  • Within hotels, fairs and exhibitions;
  • Sport and leisure centers.


In 2013 we founded a private ambulance service in Timisoara being accredited by the Public Health Department of Timis and by the National Heath Insurance House. Due to the fact that Neuromed focuses on the quality of the services rendered we succeeded in creating a great reputation in what concerns the professionalism, punctuality and courtesy of our team. We are permanently opened to the problems raised by our partners and we are responsibly involved in their settlement. In this respect, we are ISO 9001/2015 certified by UKAS - UK, through the company Moody International, certification received since 2003, according to the standards in force at the time.

Every year we answer to more than 20,000 requests for medically assisted transport (ambulance) coming from the patients admitted to the hospitals of Timisoara, which have concluded cooperation agreements with us, to other hospitals, private clinics or at home, both in the county and within the entire country.

Since 2006 and until present we have been covered 7 emergency hospitals in the region for medical emergency assistance and medically assisted transport by means of our own ambulance vehicles. Furthermore, we ensured emergency services for sport competitions, rallies, demonstrations, concerts and other events.

During 2008-2009 – we contracted 24/7 emergency services with Build Corp for 300 Chinese citizens who participated in the expanding of Iulius Mall Timisoara shopping center. The average time of intervention was of 7 minutes.

We ensure emergency medical assistance and ambulance service in Timisoara, 24/7 since 2011 for all the 5700 employees of the company Takata-Petri Romania of Arad and all their 3500 minor children, both at the company and at their homes.

We ensure emergency medical assistance and ambulance service in Timisoara, 24/7 since 2012 for all the employees of Continental company of Timisoara, both at the company and at their homes.

Our area of expertise includes medical transport abroad: Hungary, Austria, Germany, France, Switzerland, Serbia and Turkey being the countries where we rendered assisted emergency transport.

Our services

Services reimbursed by the Health Insurance House:

  • Emergency medical care at home;
  • Transport by the ambulance car at the moment of the discharge for the patients who are not able to move.

Services reimbursed by the Private Heath Insurance Houses:

  • Emergency medical care before the admission to the hospital;
  • Assisted/unassisted medically transport within the country and abroad.

We provide medical care services in the following situations:

  • Competitions and/or sport events;
  • Various meetings;
  • Political, artistic, shooting events;
  • Hotels, fairs and exhibitions;
  • Sport and leisure centers.

Ambulance services rendered upon the patient’s request:

  • Permanent services or services rendered upon request;
  • Transport to and from the hospital in Timisoara and other localities in the country;
  • Medical transport to the airport;
  • Medically assisted transport within the country and abroad;
  • Emergency transport to the hospital by the ambulance car, by ensuring first-aid procedures and life support when needed;
  • Medical supervision and care of the patients transported abroad (with attendant physician).

Personnel and technical facilities

We are currently equipped with 11 ambulance vehicles, one C type ambulance vehicle (for 0 emergency cases – a team which consists of the physician, the nurse, the paramedic and the ambulance driver), five B type ambulance vehicle (for emergency cases with a team consisting of the physician and the ambulance driver or the nurse and the ambulance driver, and one A type ambulance vehicle (for transport purposes) and four ambulance vehicles for home medical care. The ambulance teams consist of a total number of 18 emergency physicians, 3 physicians of the Anesthesia and Intensive Care Department, one cardiologist physician, 19 nurses, 2 paramedics and 21 two ambulance drivers employed under a labor agreement. All our personnel is constantly trained.

The ambulance vehicles are equipped in accordance with the legislation in force, depending on each type of ambulance. In what concerns the technical conditions the cars are in perfect shape and we used state-of-the-art equipment.

We have a dispatcher that operates 24 hours/day, 7 days per week in order to be able to immediately receive and register the requests. The dispatchers who take the calls are physicians so that they can make a triage in order to establish the medical priorities.

What is new in our activity?

The ambulance service has currently become an important part of our business. We succeeded in being known due to the promptness and friendliness of our personnel and due to the high quality of the services that we always make available. We own ambulance vehicles that are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and we are able to render our services in almost any situations. We make available various services, both in emergency cases – intensive care or just transport services – and subscription system services.

We are available to you 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. We try our best to improve our activity and to render high quality services!

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