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NEUROMED Diagnostic Imaging Center

Neuromed Diagnostic Imaging Ceneter established in 1999, is a private healthcare company held by a family of physicians of Timisoara. The main field of business of the center is represented by the high performance magnetic resonance (MRI) and computed tomography (CT) investigations, used in all the medical fields nowadays, in the absence of which the high quality medicine is no longer conceived.

The team

Within Neuromed center the modern equipment is used by experienced physicians and operators. The images obtained are of the highest quality, a more precise diagnostic being enabled. The personnel structure of the center consists of 120 employees: 18 radiologists, of which 6 of them with qualification in the magnetic resonance field and 9 of them with qualification in the computed tomography field; 3 medical physicists; 3 anesthetics for the cases requiring general anesthesia.

Technical facilities

Neuromed currently owns the following equipment:

  • two magnetic resonance scanners (MRI):
    • Siemens MAGNETOM Avanto 1,5T;
    • Siemens MAGNETOM Amira 1,5T;
  • two computed tomography scanners
    • Siemens SOMATOM Sensation 64;
    • Siemens SOMATOM goNow;
  • one radiology device;
  • one digital mammography device;
  • two ultrasound scanners - Siemens.

All the equipment was in the top of the world technology at the time we purchased it and the software and hardware upgrades that we perform every year keep them in the top of the most advanced diagnostic imaging equipment in Europe.

The participation of Neuromed center in other medical activities

In addition to the daily activity, our center is involved in several activities related to the medical environment, scientific research or the protection of special social cases. Our physicians participate with original scientific papers in various national and international conferences and congresses (the subjects are related to the cases treated in Neuromed Center). Furthermore, in order to ensure a wider use of the modern imaging technology available in Neuromed, as well as in order to have feed-back from the personnel of the clinic, we constantly organize conferences and workshops with the medical personnel within various hospitals in Timisoara or in the neighboring region (Children Clinical Hospital, Local Hospital of Timisoara, Municipal Hospital, etc).

The reached level

We are available for a large number of national, but also foreign patients, mainly coming from Timis county and the surroundings counties. Neuromed Center, as well as the Ambulance Service of Neuromed operates nowadays at full capacity, by being available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Neuromed Center was accredited in 2008 by Siemens Germany as the fifth "Training Medical Centre" of Europe. Therefore, our clinic became an European regional training medical center in the field of the CT and MRI investigations, by using Siemens equipment and software, with over 300 resident physicians and nurses.

During the 20 years of operation, Neuromed became a reference medical diagnostic center very well known in the country, both by the physicians and by the patients. The accuracy and the precision of the radiology images and the diagnostics are the elements that recommend us and that have a major utility within the clinical medicine.

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