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Neuromed makes available state-of-the-art imaging technology by Siemens, which covers the entire field of care, from diagnostic to treatment and control.

Siemens SOMATOM Sensation 64 computed tomography scanner

Speed, maximum resolution and coverage without compromises. SOMATOM Sensation technology enables the precise diagnostic in the shortest time and with the lowest possible radiation dose.

Clinical benefits

  • The possibility to view the finest details in the whole scanning field without the increase of the radiation being needed;
  • High precision cardiac imaging with the lowest radiation time, 0,33s;
  • The possibility to view the inner ear structures at the highest isotropic spatial resolution of 0.24m;
  • Imaging without spiral artifacts;
  • The clear imaging of the small blood vessels, performed by combining rotation time of 0,33s with 0,33mm resolution and the fastest sub-millimeter scanning advancing speed of 87 mm/s in the daily clinical routine;
  • The safety preparation of the patient by means of the contrast agent administration;
  • Automatic tridimensional reconstruction;
  • Increased confidence in the computed tomography by the interpretation of the 3D and 4D images instead of the axial images;
  • The access to the noninvasive cardiac diagnostic, in the clinical routine;
  • Exact therapeutic decision in the management of the stroke;
  • The increase of the therapeutic spectrum in the evaluation of the “high-risk tissues” for the differentiated diagnostic;
  • An excellent view of the entire intracranial blood supply.

Economic benefits

  • The expanding of the clinical applications;
  • Further information on the state of the patient;
  • Full access to all clinical applications;
  • The decreasing of the diagnostic time;
  • The fast evaluation of the stroke.

Technical benefits

  • Exceptional quality of the images by means of STRATON X-ray tube;
  • • The highest isotropic resolution of all the industry, performed with the z-SharpTM technology;
  • Easy, fast and no delayed access to the obtained data;
  • Multiple accesses from any computer, by the PACS system.

Siemens MAGNETOM Avanto 1,5T MRI

Siemens MAGNETOM Avanto provides a higher level of image quality. The unique combination of permanent magnet and gradient technology, together with the revolutionary techniques of image acquisition provides unsurpassed clinical advantage;

MAGNETOM Avanto provides a new image quality level: it is clear, provides ground-breaking speed acquisition and is easy to use. The unique combination of the leading magnet and tilting technology with revolutionary techniques of image acquisition that offers unsuppressed clinical advantages:

  • High precision diagnostic due to the outstanding homogeneity of the magnetic field;
  • Wide viewing field, of 50cm(FoV);
  • Strong gradients for high-resolution and low time scanning;
  • Unsurpassed flexibility, accuracy and speed due to the Tim system (Total imaging matrix).

MAGNETOM Avanto is exquisite in what concerns cardiac MRI due to the strong gradients and to the very homogenous magnetic field and to the dedicated modern software. All for the cardiac MRI.


The possibility of combining the antennas allows a field of investigation of 205 cm, TIM system (Total Imaging Matrix).

It enables the precise and fast observation of the small blood vessels, from head to toe: TA 1:27 min.

Wide range of investigations

The field of observation of 50cm makes available a detailed observation of the pathologies.

Functional MRI

Due to the strong gradients, MAGNETOM Avanto is prepared for the most advanced applications.

The current clinical practice requires the fast and accurate diagnostic without compromising the economic demands.

TIM (Total Imaging Matrix) was created in order to increase the flexibility, accuracy and readiness of the diagnostic, making every aspect of the workflow to be more efficient and productive.


It evaluates with high precision a herniated disc and an acute stroke, by means of the high performance morphological and functional techniques.


It enables the examination of the ligaments and cartilage degeneration by means of the high-resolution images.


It performs high-resolution MRCPs for cholangiopancreatography, the patient being able to breathe freely.


It highlights the diseases of the blood vessels by means of a variety of improved techniques, both contrast-enhanced and unenhanced.


It easily responds to the clinical questions, from cardiomyopathy to ischemic cardiac pathology, as well as from valvular pathology to congenital heart malformations.


It guides the workflow within the clinical cases, including in case of lobular cancer, the evaluation of the breast implants and the monitoring of the treatment.


It provides the information for the detection and evaluation of the tumor stages, in prostate, liver and other type of cancer.


High resolution images using specific pediatric protocols.

Syngo DTI (Tractography) advanced neuroimaging – it enables the view of the white matter tracts.

MAGNETOM Avanto has the following characteristics:

  • soft for correcting motion artifacts in case of patients who cannot cooperate and children;
  • noninvasive angiography soft by Volume Rendering Technique;
  • tractography special soft, cardiac MRI, breast magnetic resonance useful for the planning of the surgical procedures but also for neuropsychological research;
  • magnetic resonance spectroscopy to determine the ethological brain or breast lesions;
  • Total Imaging Matrix – whole body scanning by means of a single examination.

Siemens MAGNETOM Amira 1,5T MRI

Increased patient comfort

MAGNETOM Amira conducts complete, quiet neurological and orthopedic exams with up to 97% reduction in sound pressure2. Quiet Suite minimizes the need for sedation of certain patient groups, including children and the elderly – and all with no compromises on image quality.

Greater diagnostic value

Due to the latest syngo software, high-density Tim 4G coils and enhanced SNR that MAGNETOM Amira is packed with you can now benefit a broader range of MRI services with higher image quality, even in difficult cases, and more precise monitoring that helps healthcare professionals chart the development of lesions, helping determine how effective treatment is.

Faster investigations

MAGNETOM Amira and Siemens’ latest technology support 10-minute exams.

Siemens ACUSON S2000TMultrasound scanner

For more than six decades, Siemens pioneered the innovation in ultrasound technologies and applications. ACUSON S2000™ ultrasound system is based on this legacy. The system offers the greatest pieces of information in case of each examination, in order to achieve outstanding results and the highest confidence in what concerns the diagnostic even in the most difficult cases. This leading multi-specialized system covers the whole range of activities, from diagnostic imaging to therapy and control, by making available a platform of high performance for the time being and for the future.

Main benefits:

  • The outstanding resolution distinguishes the finest details of the tissue;
  • The coloristic enables the view of the blood flow details;
  • HD transducers make available more information by means of the ultrasounds than before;
  • The most complex range of applications is available;
  • eSie Touch technology ensures a high degree of finesse of the image;
  • The automatic scan of the breast volume (SAVS) enables the acquisition, analysis and reporting of the breast volume;
  • The display of the skeletal system provides outstanding details of the fetal spine and long bones;
  • 3D stereoscopic image is an immersive view tool which makes images to look more real;
  • • The applications based on experience are equivalent to: "a thousand clinical experts available to you".

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