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20-year celebration meeting of a great generation

22 February 2013

We are pleased to announce the 20-year celebration meeting of a great generation of graduates of the Faculty of Medicine of Timisoara: class of 1993.

We will meet again on June 21st, 2013 at the festive course and we will continue our celebration at Flora restaurant, a place designed for party and good mood. We will be once again the same lively students!

Come and see who gained weight, who is bald, who has a big belly or who has Botox injected. But first of all, come in order to have a great time together! A lot of fun is planned so do not forget your dancing shoes at home and your partner. If you do not have a partner, you will find one at the party, for sure. If you do not have dancing shoes, please announce the organizers in advance on the size you need.

Please, note that the party will continue the following day for those who do not feel tired and are willing to have a great fun.


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