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Do not ignore breast cancer

12 October 2015

Neuromed Diagnostic Imaging Center and Neurorad launches, for the fifth consecutive year, in October, the campaign entitled "Do NOT ignore breast cancer! The beloved women in your life deserve to know that they are healthy!”


In the Breast Cancer Awareness Month, women are expected for breast investigation through mammography, ultrasound and elastography at the two clinics.


The campaign aims to warn the large public on the  prevention and healing opportunities for each woman, diagnosed correctly and on time.


Each of us has a mother, a wife, a sister, a friend or a grandmother. Don't let the breast cancer write their destiny and help them be peaceful!


If detected in its early stages, breast cancer can be treated. However, a real problem that women must defeat is the fear of diagnosis. To help them come for a check, Neuromed and Neurorad offer as gift vouchers with discounts of up to 40% for breast investigations with ultrasound, elastography or mammogram. Over 2,000 women have received checks in the four previous editions of the campaign launched by Neuromed and Neurorad. 


The good part is that the discount vouchers can be offered to all the loved ones in your life. The vouchers are valid throughout the entire month of October.  


If these primary investigation reveal any lesions, the patient receives a referral to a specialist or to a further MRI breast investigation or breast biopsy puncture.


The vouchers can be downloaded both from the Facebook pages of these clinics, from the website of Neuromed or Neurorad or you can get them directly from the clinics.


Neuromed and Neurorad make appointments available by calling:


0256.48.77.27 Neuromed Clinics – for breast investigations through ultrasound, elastography and mammography.


0256.20.16.41 Neurorad Clinics – for breast investigations through mammography.


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