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Everything you need to know about radiography

29 May 2014

After the appointment sheet is drawn up, you will be invited to take a seat in the waiting room and you will be called by the radiology nurse in order to undergo the investigation.

The preparation of the patient, in order to achieve a radiography image, consists in removing the metallic materials which may overlap on the area to be X-rayed.

For high-quality radiography, the collaboration with the radiologist technician is essential. We refer here to the inspiration-exhalation and breath holding instructions that you need to perform when you are in the X-ray room.

A special preparation is necessary when performing an urography procedure (contrast-enhanced investigation of the renal-vesicle system).

Warning! The investigation is not recommended for pregnant women!

The term of the radiography consists of the following times:

  • the exposure time: a few milliseconds;
  • the image developing and processing time: 5 minutes;
  • interpretation and diagnostic time: up to 24 hours.

The radiography involves a short working time, a low level of patient’s preparation and a low level of irradiation: for example, the equivalent of lung exposure is 2 weeks of continuous natural radiation.


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