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Neuromed ensured emergency medical care in case of simulations of crisis situations

18 July 2014

Neuromed ensured emergency medical care in case of simulations of crisis situation:

“Child kidnapping alert”

Monte Carlo leisure center of Sag commune experienced during the last Saturday an unusual agitation and showdown: between 05.30-08.00 p.m., a simulation of a crisis situation provided in the National Mechanism “CHILD KIDNAPPING ALERT!” occurred.

Policemen within Timis County Police Inspectorate, representatives of the Prosecutor’s Office of Timis Tribunal, personnel of the Inspectorate of Timis Border Police, The Inspectorate for Emergency Situations of “Banat”, Mobile Gendarme Groups of Timisoara, public/private partners and volunteers carried out a simulation of child kidnapping.

“ALERTA RAPIRE COPIL” is a national mechanism to alert the population in case of child kidnapping or disappearance in circumstances where its life or health is endangered. The project is a campaign initiated by the General Romanian Police Inspectorate in cooperation with the Public Ministry and FOCUS Center, within CALLERT, project co-financed by the European Commission.

Neuromed Ambulance Serviceparticipated in this simulation with a team specialized in emergency medical care in order to ensure first aid, to triage and counsel the victims.

S.C.M. Neuromed joined the public partners (Timisoara City Hall, by means of SALVO Timisoara, the Group of Voluntary Fast Intervention, West University of Timisoara, National Theatre of Timisoara, The Town Hall of Sag commune, the Harbor Master’s Office of Timisoara, Water Basin Administration of Banat, The Transport Administration of Timisoara, The National Romanian Post Office - The Timis County Post Office) and private partners.

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