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Neuromed extends the campaign on breast cancer prevention

05 November 2012

After Neuromed Diagnostic Imaging Center launched on October 2012 the campaign entitled "Don't let cancer write your destiny – Come and have a medical examination", the clinic management concluded that "a month of struggle is not enough to fight such a great war." This is why the campaign for breast cancer prevention extends also throughout the month of November.

Furhtermore, interested women can gen investigations by means of ultrasound elastography and mammography, with a 40% discount. In addition, if following these primary investigations any injury is revealed, the patients are advised to see a specialist or to undergo further investigations by means of MRI or puncture biopsy. 

Unfortunately, breast cancer has no age. It can be diagnosed both on young and elder women, and it can be mortal if it is not discovered in due time. Statistics show that in Romania over 7900 * women are annually diagnosed with breast cancer, of which less than 10% get to be diagnosed at an early stage, when the treatment has maximum chances.

*Source: The Federation of Cancer Patients Association.


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