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Private Medical Services Room

10 August 2012

On December 2nd -4th 2011 the promotion of the services provided by Neuromed Clinic was organized within the Private Medical services Room and was hosted by Iulius Mall shopping center.

The following materials were distributed at this event:

  • Leaflets – CT and MRI services;
  • Leaflets – Neuromed Ambulance Service;
  • Leaflets – radiology, ultrasound and mammography services;
  • Leaflets – ultrasound guided breast puncture biopsy;
  • 2012 Pocket calendars;
  • Balloons labeled with Neuromed Ambulance and Neuromed Diagnostic Imaging Center.

Free vouchers:

  • Free home examination performed by Neuromed Ambulance Service;
  • Noninvasive coronary CT angiography;
  • Mammography
  • Ultrasound.

During this event about 5,000 leaflets on each service and all the investigations vouchers were distributed. At Within this event, the Neuromed Dignostic Imaging Center personnel and the Ambulance Service explained to the people the services provided by us, the experience and the quality of the services and the importance of medical investigations for prevention purposes.

The interest shown in Neuromed services was great, the people made appointments for computed tomography and magnetic resonance or asked more about the investigations. 

Most of those present at the event had already heard about Neuromed Diagnostic Imaging Center. 


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