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Simulated explosion in Timisoara

10 August 2012

On Saturday morning, close to the Badea Cartan bridge of Timisoara, on the occasion of the 78th anniversary of the Civil Protection, SALVO Rapid Intervention Group of the City Hall made a demonstrative exercise. There was an explosion simulation within a building, attended by residents of the Fabric neighborhood.

The scenario: 

  • At 10:00 am an explosion was triggered due to accumulation of gas within a building of the Fabric area of Timisoara city, causing major damage to the power supply networks.
  • Requests from the citizens were being received by the National Unique System for Emergency Situations 112 due to the emergency situation which assumes the intervention of the specialized forces..
  • The DISASTER ALARM signal was triggered by means of the electrical siren of the company headquarters.
  • As a result of the explosive blast, one person was thrown into Bega water channel, the divers of the search and rescue team intervened quickly in order to save the person. The doctor of SALVO team checked the vital signs and declared the victim’s death.
  • The specialized teams of SALVO Voluntary Fast Intervention intervene at the venue of the explosion:

The technical-logistic team delineated the area, checked and stabilized the building in order to ensure an access way.

The medical team offered first aid and stabilized the victims in order to be able to evacuate them and the panicked people were counseled by the psychologists of the medical team.

The team in charge with the rescue from hazardous environments ensured the evacuation of victims from the areas where the access inside the building was damaged.

The water search and rescue team ensured the evacuation of the victims by crossing the stream over the Bega channel.

At the same time, a first aid and victims triage mobile point was settled in the area of Badea Cartan bridge. The canine research team within SALVO team began the investigation of the building in order to identify possible victims remained isolated. They received the information that two people were immobilized in the building of the company, their immediate evacuation being necessary.

At 10:10 the Mayor arrived at the building headquarters. The coordinator of the Volunteer Emergency Situations Department submitted an informative report regarding the situation created in the city due to the produced explosion. The preliminary data estimated a number of 20 victims some of them in serious condition and missing persons as a result of the explosion. Some of the victims were transported to the Neuromed Ambulance Service, and some to the first aid mobile point.

 Using the content of the information report, the mayor established the following provisions based on preliminary data:

  • The volunteer division for emergency situations was requested to implement the emergency contingency plans provided for such emergencies;
  • The transport of the wounded persons to the hospital by ambulance and the first aid offered to persons from the affected areas were requested to be immediately performed;
  • The call for calmness and order was requested be made and the unaffected population was requested to provide support upon the request of the intervention forces.

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