RORomana ENRomana


17 August 2012

The spectroscopy is used to measure different levels of metabolites of the tissues. MRI signal produces different resonance spectra corresponding to different molecular models. A spectrum is obtained by having two components: the scale of the resonant frequencies and the amplitude (concentration of metabolites).

There are applications in the brain, breast or prostate. The molecular compounds identified in the brain are: NAA (N-acetyl aspartate neuronal marker), choline (turnover marker of the cell membrane), creatinine (energy metabolism marker), lactate (anaerobic metabolism marker).

The evaluation of spectra allows the nosological framing (tumor, inflammation, infection, ischemia). The evaluation of the lesion constituents can be performed in order to determine the tumor grading. Pre- and post- operative evaluation of the lesions is performed by means of observing the treatment from an oncological point of view and the result of the postoperative adjuvant therapy.


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