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The response of Dr. Horia Ples, unreasonably accused by the Health Minister

21 June 2013

Dr. Horia Ples, the Chief of Neurosurgery Clinic of the Clinical Emergency Hospital of Timisoara, responded to the harsh allegations made by the Health Minister Eugen Nicolaescu, who blamed him for serious violations of the legislation under the Agreement concluded between the District Hospital of Timisoara and Neuromed Company, the replacement of Dr. Ples being requested.

Dr. Ples declares that following the investigations carried out by the Control Department of the Ministry of Health, the public information and statements published in the press are false and unfounded since the opinion of the "defendant" or of an official was not required. “From my point of view, all the allegations are 100% false. Absolutely all the investigations were conducted upon the request of the hospital. All the settlements were legally performed and there are legal document in this regard. The Agreement with the Hospital was executed as a back-up, at the time the tomography device and the magnetic resonance device did not operate. You may be wondering why did this happen in Neuromed and not in any other place. Because we are the only clinic in town that, besides equipment, can provide intervention in case of a coma. We are the only clinic that implements the “know how” and intervenes in two minutes when a patient arrives, even though it is two o’clock in the morning. During the one year and a half term when the tomography device did not operate, all the emergencies have been directed to us. I have no connection with the radiology. It is nonsense to declare that I maintained the devices of the District Hospital damaged in order for the patients to be directed to Neuromed.”.

Please read the letter of Dr. Ples addressed to the Health Minister, Eugen Nicolaescu:


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