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The valences of the medicine considered to be important by the public and the specialists

22 August 2012

Neuromed Diagnostic Imaging Center and Neuromed Ambulance Service participated in the medical exhibition on "The valences of the medicine considered to be important by the public and the specialists", between March 30th, 2001 and April 1st , 2012 organized at Iulius Mall Timisoara shopping center.

During this event, the radiologists and the personnel of Neuromed Diagnostic Imaging Center explained to the people the importance of the high performance CT and MRI investigations for the diagnostic of diseases, our experience and the quality of our services. Furthermore, the importance of breast cancer prevention by means of the specific investigations (mammography and breast ultrasound) was also discussed.

During this event, the radiologists of Neuromed Diagnostic Imaging Center conducted free abdominal ultrasound for those interested using a state-of-the-art Siemens ultrasound scanner.

The emergency physicians of Neuromed Ambulance Service carried out first aid demonstrations "”Basic Life Support", as the actions carried out during the first minutes since the onset of the emergency are vital for the survival of the victim. Basic Life Support defines the sequence of these actions, thus many lives being saved. It is important for all of us to know what to do in critical situations, because this knowledge can save lives.

Furthermore, our emergency physicians conducted blood sugar medical examinations, measured the blood pressure and performed ECG investigations.

For the little ones, sessions of free face painting were organized, they received balloons and sweets, in order not to get bored while their parents were talking to the staff of Neuromed clinic.

The following materials were distributed at this event:

  • Leaflets – CT and MRI services;
  • Leaflets – Neuromed Ambulance Service;
  • Leaflets – radiology, ultrasound and mammography services
  • Leaflets – ultrasound guided breast puncture biopsy;
  • Balloons labeled with Neuromed Ambulance and Neuromed Diagnostic Imaging Center.

Free vouchers:

  • Free home examination, performed by Neuromed Ambulance Service;
  • Ultrasound investigations.

During this event about 5,000 leaflets on each service and all the investigations vouchers were distributed.


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