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What are the advantages of using a digital radiology device?

20 May 2014

Digital radiography brings the patient the benefit of a much lower radiation level. Research in the field of radiation certify a reduction of up to 80% in the moment of the exposure of the sensor, when compared to the films, this being due to the properties of the sensor that make it more sensitive to X radiation photons.

Furthermore, the possibility of computed processing of the image is one of the greatest advantage that digital imaging has compared to the conventional film. On the digital x-rays, the physician can identify information that is not visible on the conventional film.

The possibility to have computed images of the radiography allow the physician to conduct magnifications, measurements, intervention plans and much more, all of them directly on the radiography. The information may be easily submitted on-line by other specialists, the latter being able to study the radiography in real time. This can save time and money.

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