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Why is this Atlas so important for Neuromed patients!

08 September 2014

In what concerns the images of "Atlas of CT Angiography", which has just appeared on Springer Verlag, under the signatures of PhD. Gratian Dragoslav Miclaus and PhD Horia Ples, the press cannot write that they are the result of the competence and performance of the Neuromed medical devices because it would sound as a hidden publicity.

Despite this, we must mention it, not because of petty vanity, but due to two reasons that concern our patients who can achieve high-performance images in their diagnostic.

First off all, no publishing house in the world would accept to publish an atlas which images are not obtained by means of state-of-the-art medical imaging technology.

Second of all, no matter how good the imaging technology, , no high-performance images would exist without the specialist that process it and highlight the steps to be followed.

Therefore, The Atlas of CT Angiography is for us, for Neuromed an extremely honored business card and for our patients is the safest guarantee that all we do in the health benefit is getting better and better and world widely recognized!

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