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What does magnetic resonance mean?

Neuromed Imaging Center provides specialized magnetic resonance investigations (MRI) in Timisoara. The investigation method by means of the MRI is a modern, complex and highly precise method. Following the investigation, multi-planar images and millimeter sections which allow a high rate of detection of any damage in the examined area, are obtained.

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The operating principle of a MRI device is based on the content of the human body which consists of 70% water containing hydrogen protons with an asymmetrical rotation through the human body.

In order for the investigation to be performed, you are laid down on a special holder in the tunnel of the device, in the middle of a strong magnetic field. The patient is introduced in the scanner, being under the influence of the strong magnetic field, the hydrogen protons are aligned and this signal is taken over by the special antennas installed around the area to be examined by the MRI operator, and then this signal is sent to a smart computer which converts this signal into images.

The MRI investigation may be unenhanced or performed by means of the contrast agent injection which helps the radiologist by means of bringing important information in what concerns the obtaining of a high quality diagnostic. The investigation is a completely non-invasive method due to the fact that the magnetic field is not harmful. Furthermore, due to the fact that the contrast agent does not contain iodine, it is easily tolerated by the body, by being hypoallergenic.

In case of the MRI the contrast agent is based on the Gadolinium which is a very rare metal, and the allergic reactions are very rare and occur in the form of mild reactions, such as: pruritus, urticaria, nausea.

The term of a MRI examination in Neuromed Timisoara, varies between 15 minutes and 2 hours, depending on the segment or number of segments examined and on the pathology.

After you have filled in the consent form and the secretary of the Clinic have prepared your sheet, you will be invited in a room where you will be asked to leave all the metallic objects (jewelries, glasses, watches, coins, hairpins, etc.) due to the fact that there is a strong magnetic field inside the scanner and the scanner room and these objects could compromise the investigation.


If your answer to one of the questions below is positive, it is absolutely necessary to inform us in this respect before the MRI examination:

  • Do you have an implantable pacemaker or a cardioverter defibrillator? (Some of the last generation pacemakers and cardioverter defibrillators are compatible with the MRI – for further details, contact the attending physician.)
  • Do you have a heart valve?
  • Have you had a brain or ear surgery? (do you have a neurostimulator or any other implant?)
  • Do you have any prosthesis or any other devices installed in your limbs, knees or hips? (i.e. metal rods or screws) or hearing or dental aids?
  • Do you have an alien body in your ear area?
  • Have you ever been shot by a metallic projectile whose traces remained in your body or near the eyes?
  • Do you have any clips or metal sutures?
  • Do you suffer from claustrophobia or do you have an anxious nature?
  • Are you pregnant or likely to be or are you breastfeeding?
  • Do you suffer from allergies?

In this case, please bring with you all the medical documentation in connection with the implant in order to establish whether it is compatible with the magnetic field.

Basically, the preparation prior to the investigation is not necessary,except for the following investigations: abdominal MRI, functional MRI, Entero MRI, prostate spectroscopy and anesthesia (for claustrophobic patients or children), details on which you will be informed by the secretary of the clinic. Once prepared for the investigation, you will get a venous catheter by means of which the contrast agent shall be injected at the end of the investigation, as the case may be. The MRI operator will lay you down on the examination table and train you on how to behave throughout the examination and then you will be introduced in the scanner tube. It is very important to remain still and to breathe according to the indications to be received from the MRI operator.

During the investigation you will hear a very strong noise, although bearable. In order to avoid this, our personnel will suggest you to wear headphones and to listen to the music. You will be continuously monitored by means of a video camera and a speaker device.

What the risks are?

The only patients exposed to risks are those who have implanted pacemaker or alien metallic bodies and they did not inform the physician in this respect. Due to the fact that the patient is introduced in the magnetic field, the following object must be left out of the MRI room: watches, cheques or credit cards, wallets, keys, pens and pencils, certain jewelries, other metallic objects (the checking is performed by the assistant operator).

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