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Simulation of plane crash on Timisoara Airport

10 August 2012

Scenario: a burning aircraft lands and the firefighters, ambulances, airport employees and the enforcement officers must save the passengers and to mitigate the effects of the disaster.

This is a potential scenario that may occur at anytime on an airport. In the case played in Timisoara, the reaction speed of all rescuers in such a situation was tested.

Timisoara International Airport organized the greatest simulation exercise of the latest two years on an aviation crush, over one hundred people taking part in the simulation.

Collaborators: Directorate of Air Navigation Services - TWR Timisoara, Inspectorate for Emergency Situations Banat, Timis Ambulance Service Ambulance Service Neuromed, Police Inspectorate, Border Police Inspectorate of Timis, the Romanian Intelligence Service - Timis, SC Zen SRL - Airport Security,, UM 01930 E.

The exercise performed on the airport was a good opportunity to test the work of the intervention services in Timisoara and to enhance the joint work plan.


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